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PCNI donates to Victims of Rann Bombing

The Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative has donated 1.5 Million Naira to the victims of the accidental bombing of Rann by the air force. The support package consisted of the sum of 1 Million Naira to care givers, hospital staff and volunteers that participated in the entire operation, while 58 patients received the sum of 10,000 Naira each.  Caregivers at the rehabilitation centre also received a token of fifty thousand naira. The victims are currently recuperating at the State Specialist Hospital and the Rehabilitation Centre. The grant of 1 Million Naira was received by the Medical Director, Dr. Laraba of the State Specialist Hospital for distribution to the Hospital staff, Caregivers and Volunteers across the 2 medical institutions of University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital & State Specialist Hospital, Maiduguri. Previously, the medical expenses incurred by the victims had been underwritten by the Victims Support Fund (VSF) with a ten million naira support package. Formal compensation for the victims will be issued by the federal government pending the completion of the air force authorities’ investigation of the circumstances that led to the tragic bombing.

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